Systems to Support Technology Enhanced Learning

Core+ Modle

Example of technologies supported at The University of Liverpool

There are a range of systems, tools and technologies available to enhance learning and teaching. The University of Liverpool categorise these services to distinguish the levels of support towards each:

Core Technologies are central to the University’s operations and might include things like VITAL (the University Virtual Learning Environment), Campus Pack (tools for blogging, wikis and podcasting) and Adobe Connect (for web conferencing);

Supported Technologies include those that we offer and can provide some support in terms of advice and technical help. These might include services like Xerte (for content development);

Recognised Technologies cover the fast-paced and changing nature of technology. Support and staff development may be available dependent on expertise, and might include social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter, as well as other tools such as Camtasia.

For more information on the tools and technologies that fall under these categories, visit the Browse Page of the University SPARK platform or get in touch to speak with someone about  your pedagogic aims and requirements.


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