TEL Focus across ILT

A number of areas are taking priority at the moment in relation to TEL, and we’re doing our best to ensure that the areas we put our focus towards are pedagogically-sound.



An important influencer in shaping our work was the university-wide Liverpool Guild of Students ‘Making the Most of IT’ campaign (Autumn Term of 12/13 academic year), involving face-to-face discussions with students as well as a short questionnaire (n=602).

Since the Making the Most of IT (MMoIT) campaign, a number of important things have happened in the Faculty. Significantly, we’ve appointed a number of Lecturers in Learning Technology (T&S) to drive forward the use of technology in learning, teaching and assessment, which has led to two initiatives you may be aware of:

  • The recent HLS staff survey (n=100) picked up on some of the key themes of TEL focus – Minimum Standards in VITAL; Online Submission; and Lecture Recordings.
  • This has also been converted and built upon to introduce an annual TEL Student Survey (again specifically for HLS). The survey closed last week with an impressive 840 responses.

More info on both of these initiatives will be available soon, and we’ll keep you updated via this blog and the new email newsletters that have started in ILT.


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