Supported Pilot Projects

As you may have gathered from surveys or earlier blog posts, the University are focussing on a couple of specific areas related to Technology Enhanced Learning:

  • Introducing minimum standards;
  • Online submission, marking and feedback;
  • Lecture Capture.
  • Separate to the University drive, we also have licenses to pilot Poll Everywhere.
Supported pilot projects

Supporting Book Image: CC BY Flickr User Gru4el

Progress is being made at a University level, and we in ILT are looking to identify ‘pilot’ projects that will work in (at least) one of the areas above. We’ll be able to offer support to work through issues/challenges/student support, etc, so no stone will be left unturned. This support is important in order to overcome any obvious challenges and inform future practice.

I’ll briefly discuss the options below, and if you’re interested I’d love to hear from you so we can continue the discussion further. We’d also like to be able to evaluate processes and systems, etc, to inform policy/strategy.

Minimum Standards

The student experience of VITAL is often inconsistent, as some areas contain very little information, whilst others contain lots. Looking into minimum standards therefore hopes to address this and maintain consistency across areas.

The recent staff survey and student survey asked respondents to identify the specific items that may appear in any such series of minimum standards. On the whole , staff responses tended to identify which aspects were more important to students than others, but on response rates for each were generally lower from staff than students. Either way, there was a recognition that minimum standards could be a useful way to ensure some kind of consistency across the student elearning experience.

CSD are currently looking into which bits of content they can automatically feed in to VITAL areas, so with any luck much of this will be done without any impact on academic staff.

If this is something you want to discss more, please contact Peter Reed.

Online Submission, Marking and Feedback

We recognise there are a variety of assessment formats across ILT, but in particular we want to target all those pieces of paper that are wasted as a result of printing essays.

I’ve implemented online submission and feedback at other HEIs, and academic staff always comment on the benefits of not having to carry so much student work around.

A number of methods exist to facilitate online submission and marking, including the ability to mark work directly on an iPad. So if you want some flexibility when marking, this option might be of interest.

Lecture Capture

The term ‘Lecture Capture’ is seeing somewhat of a redefinition. In the traditional sense, video recordings were made and synchronised with Powerpoint slides and made available to students. However, from our student survey we have identified that the preferred method of recording lectures is actually just audio synchronised with slides. We also know from the staff survey that this was the preferred approach amongst academics.

To facilitate the recording of lectures, CSD are working on an in-house development. I’ve seen this tool and I assure you it’s fantastic. It will be available for piloting from January onwards, and will enable staff to capture the screen, as well as either audio or video from a webcam.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a great tool to introduce interactivity into teaching, by enabling students to respond to questions using their devices. There are a number of question types and responses can be sent in via: text message; the Poll Everywhere App; or via the website.

Thanks to a successful Benefactor’s Fund bid in Medicine (led by Paul Duvall) we now have a specific premium account for use across ILT provision. Feel free to give me a shout if you want to learn more or take a peek at the website. You can even have a preview via the following videos:

  1. Creating Polls (video):
  2. Presenting Polls (video):
  3. Presenter Tips:
  4. User Guide (manual):
  5. Frequently Asked Questions:
  6. Features:

Peter Reed
Lecturer (Learning Technology)
Institute of Learning & Teaching


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