Quality Assurance in Technology Enhanced Learning

Ensuring quality when introducing technology to support and enhance learning and teaching is something that often slips our mind. We tend to just get on with our plans without going out of our way to specifically consider quality assurance, so this post hopes to raise a couple of things to help make sure students are at the forefront of our plans.

QAA Code of Practice

ILT Quality Assurance for Online CPD

ILT Quality Assurance for Online CPD

The Quality Assurance Agency published their Code of Practice back in 2007, with a particular section on ‘Flexible and Distributed Learning’ (FDL). Whilst in technology terms this was a long time ago, it’s still very relevant and a great thing to consider when introducing elements of technology. My only criticism is that it’s very wordy and ‘fluffy’, so I’ve put together a 1 page version (particularly with our online CPD work in mind, but more broadly relevant) which I think makes it more accessible. Taken as a kind of ‘Good Practice Guide’, I think this could be useful for colleagues.

Access the guide here, or the original via the QAA Website.

Blackboard Exemplary Course Programme

The Bb ECP is a really interesting initiative run by Blackboard. I was first made aware of it by an Mark, an old colleague at Edge Hill University, who done particularly well in last year’s awards.

Blackboard provide their ECP Rubrics which enable course designers to work towards. This not only helps ensure high quality provision, but can also win some awards and get an invite to the Blackboard World Conference in Las Vegas!

So what now?

Well if you have any questions about any of this, or just want a discussion about these issues, feel free to give me a shout.



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