ELESIG Small Grants Scheme & my Minimum Standards work

I’ve been banging on about it for a little while now, so a lot of people will already know I’ve been looking into VLE minimum standards quite a bit. Well, thanks to the ELESIG (Evaluation of Learners’ Experiences of e-learning Special Interest Group) Small Grants Scheme, I’ll be sharing some more info.


I’ll probably be duplicating posts, but my primary blogging venue for sharing this work will be over at ELESIG – if you’re not signed up there, then do. And then follow me 🙂

I think the ELESIG Small Grants Scheme is a great initiative to help us share the work we’re doing more broadly so others can benefit from it. The great thing is applications are turned around really quickly so you’re not playing the waiting game too much – applications are to be submitted by the 20th of each month and you find out within 4 weeks!

I think I already work ‘in the open’ quite a bit, but this might make my work even more transparent, and of course ties in nicely with the newly formed North West ELESIG group that my colleague Tunde Varga Atkins (from the eLearning Unit here) has been so involved with.

As well as blogging over at ELESIG, I’ve also committed to producing a ‘research toolkit’ (of sorts) that will offer a completely transparent view of what we’ve done and how, including sample questions for surveys and focus groups, as well as ethics application forms. The idea here is that other people interested in this area of work could essentially reuse what I’ve already done to help them get started and engaged in this area of research. I’ve also offered to record some video footage of students talking about what they want from minimum standards, how they access this content and why it’s important, etc, etc.

So… lots more to come about this and I can’t wait to get going. See y’all soon!


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