VITAL Baseline – preview of automated content

Blackboard_LearnAs some people will already know, the University is investigating the introduction of a baseline for VITAL modules – essentially, a series of minimum standards that should appear in every VITAL module. Much of this is driven from the Liverpool Guild of Students ‘Making the Most of IT’ campaign, as well as the Faculty Staff and Student Surveys we conducted between August-November 2013.

Well, thankfully, colleagues in Computing Services have been working to see if  they could possibly automate certain pieces of content. Much of what students are asking for already exists in TULIP (module leader name/contact; assessment requirements; etc), so CSD have managed to extract that information and dynamically present it into a new ‘Module Overview’ page in VITAL (via a custom made building block).

Automated content will be presented in the following order:

  • Module Title & Module Code
  • Module Co-ordinator (name and email address)
  • Aims
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Syllabus
  • Teaching & Learning Strategy
  • Assessment requirements
  • Contact hours
  • Disclaimer

It’s still early days as yet, but this video (2 minutes) demonstrates how the building block looks.


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