Finding Images on the Web

Image taken from jiscdigitalmedia: Finding Video, Audio & Images Online

Image taken from jiscdigitalmedia: Finding Video, Audio & Images Online

Copyright can be a scary thing, and we could all do with a go to place to try and find images that we can safely reuse in our teaching. Many images out there are licensed specifically to enable people to reuse them (using the Creative Commons licenses for example), but the main challenge is finding them! Hopefully this post will help.

I particularly like the ability to search multiple collections using the search feature from Simply type a search term and click on the relevant site to search. I also like to use Google’s Advanced Search in more detail to find images – this short video shows you how you can filter the search to return results that are licensed for reuse…

Flickr is another excellent place to go. It’s the largest photo sharing site out there, with many of them licensed through Creative Commons. You can use the advanced search to select CC images only.

Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons offer lots of very subject specific images and videos that you might also find useful and can reuse safely.

Finally if you would like to learn more about this area, follow the tutorial from JISC Digital Media on Using the Internet for Image Searching. They also offer advice for Finding Video, Audio and Images Online.

If you need help with any of this, you need only ask!



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