Open Image Collection Part 2

Back in January I blogged about how we’d shared images from medical texts taken from the University of Liverpool’s Special Collections & Archives. Well we’re back at it again to release some History of Medicine images.

There are around 120 images, all under Creative Commons licensing, that relate to the history of Medicine at/in Liverpool. We’ve filtered many of the images down, but along with some buildings and interiors, there are also images of the wards, nurses/doctors, nursing home (which is now my office), and even some images of clinical practice. The image above is the old Dining Room in my building, which is now the main admin office for the School of Medicine.

Dr Sally Sheard from Liverpool’s Institute of Psychology, Health and Society will hopefully be adding further metadata to the collection to provide more in depth understanding. If you check out the earlier collection, you’ll see what I mean.

I’m really pleased we’ve managed to release such images under Creative Commons – We’ve got over 350 images in total now, all under CC. Much of the hard work in getting these images comes down to a colleague Paul Duvall (Lecturer in Medical Education (TEL) ). I’m just the one banging on about CC 🙂 But it is really nice to see and think about how these buildings were used for very different purposes.

You can access the History of Medicine Album on Flickr.



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