Sending announcements to multiple VITAL areas

The announcement tool within VITAL is a great way to get important messages out to students. Not only will the announcement appear in the specific VITAL area, but it will be delivered straight to student’s mobile devices (presuming they have the dedicated app installed), and you can even make sure students receive the message as an email as well.

Well at one point last year, I had to send the same announcement to about 20 different VITAL areas. It was a painful process as I had to go into each different area, paste the message in, tick the relevant boxes and send. So when I came across Qwickly, a third party plugin I was a bit overjoyed. After a bit of persuasion, CSD have installed it as part of our summer upgrade so you too can benefit from the time savings!

Watch the video below to see how easy it is. [click to open in stream.liv).

Qwickly video - click to play on university site


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