Supporting and Encouraging Criticality


Flickr photo by jimmiehomeschoolmom shared under CC(BY) license

In the Institute for Learning and Teaching we have an increasing number of CPD and PGT courses running, and one of the distinct challenges in dealing with such courses resides in the lack of recent experience amongst many of the participants – that is, experience in learning. Many participants have qualified in their fields some time ago and need support in getting back into the swing of things. This includes things like reflecting critically, and working smart.

We’ve put together a series of resources that we are making available within all of our modules. These resources focus on things like ‘Working at Masters Level’, ‘ Managing Literature in Mendeley’, and ‘How to Conduct Library Searches’.

Feel free to embed these links in your own modules if you find them useful!!!
Criticality Resources (recorded by Denise Prescott)
Introduction to working at Masters level:
Introduction to Critical Reading:
Introduction to Critical Thinking:
Introduction to Critical Reflection:
Research Skills (recorded by Peter Reed)
Using Google Scholar & Mendeley:

Library Resources (recorded by Beryl Stanley)

Finding the Information you Need: Using the library catalogue, eBooks and Journals (Part 1): the Information You Need: How to search (Part 2): the Information You Need: Searching Scopus (Part 3): the Information You Need: Searching Medline (Part 4):


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